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The Seventh Commandment of Agency Ownership

Thou Shalt Attract Clients for thy Thinking Rather than thy Doing The implementation is important. But it’s your thinking and strategy that’s supposed to attract clients. Why did your client decide to work with you? For many agency owners, clients…

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The Fifth Commandment of Agency Ownership

Thou Shalt Audition Prospects Instead of Impressing Them Clients need to qualify for the privilege of working with your agency. That may seem like such a foreign concept. But it’s crucial to your agency’s growth. There’s this mentality among agency…

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How to Get Clients to Send You Referrals

Referrals play a big part in keeping your agency growing. So why aren’t you getting any? Are your referrals coming in like clockwork? Or do you have to fight tooth and nail for them? Your referrals may fall into 3…

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