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What to Do When Your Prospects Goes Cold

Ever wonder why your prospects still don’t do what you want them to do… even though it’s so blatantly obvious to you?

I did too, until Sapna and I found ourselves in a strange land, past midnight, having to fend for ourselves in a foreign language.

It was 12:32 am and I had just landed in Casablanca, Morocco. Not a single soul spoke a word of English. As I hailed a taxi, the driver blurted out in rapid-fire question in French. 

I skipped a beat and realized he was asking me “where do you want to go (now)?”.

Your clients are in the same boat. 

They’re trying to figure out exactly what you’re asking them to do next, once you’ve given them the Why, What, and How that makes them stick around in the first place.

Now isn’t the time to lose them in the mix.

So here’s what you do next:

Choose Your Most Important Offer

It can get pretty confusing when you have lots of buttons on your website asking your prospects to do a variety of things.

When everything is important, nothing is a priority. Figure out the one action you would want your prospect to take if you had to sacrifice all the other decisions you expect them to make.

Make it Clear 

A confused mind never buys!

People second-guess themselves all the time. To move prospects to action, they must trust you and be absolutely clear on what you want them to do next.

Make it Irresistible

Channel your inner Marlon Brando and make them a Godfather offer: one they can’t refuse.

Here’s how you can do this. Increase the perceived value of what you’re giving your prospects must be higher than what you’re asking of them.

That’s how you go from lots of offers that aren’t very compelling to choosing ONE core offer that’s both clear and irresistible.

Dev “Here’s What to Do Next” Basu