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What Should You Put on Your Agency Website?

“What should I put on my website?”

It’s a question every agency owner thinks to themselves (even if they don’t say it aloud).

Some websites are simple — they’ve got one page with a form to capture your email. It’s all business, and nothing more.

Others are like Wikipedia! They’re about so many things that it becomes hard to understand what topic they’re really about.

99.98% of the websites I’ve seen in the last 10 years have had a mix of corporate jargon, confusing headlines, and crappy call to actions.

None of which leads to what you actually want…an authority website that generates conversions like clockwork.

Here’s the problem — Put the too little on your site and you come across as a flimsy fly by night operation. Put too much on it and it’ll confuse your visitors.

Remember, a confused mind never buys.

That’s why I’m going to share with you the 3 Key Pages you’ve got to nail on your website.

1. The Home Page

Your home page should offer three ways for your audience to engage with you.

a) Hot Offer — This is the fastest way you can help your client. Usually, this is delivered through a 1:1 consultation or strategy session.

b) Warm Offer — An educational resource where you can teach your prospects how you help them go from the problem they face to the promise they want you to deliver on. Most of the time this is a short, actionable, and goal oriented course, webinar, or video training.

c) Cold Offer — People leave your website when you don’t give them a clear reason to stay and a desirable reason to do something. This is usually a report, one-page cheat sheet, or a template they can use.

2.The About Us Page

Everyone wants to know why they should hire you. This is the page where they go to get those answers. Don’t disappoint them. On this page, you’ll want to talk about your origin story and your values (what you stand for, and what you stand against)

3.The Case Study Page

Most marketers beat their own chest all day long. Don’t be one of those guys.

Instead, let your client’s success speak for itself. Your case study page should highlight the problem you solve, the promise your client was after, and the prescriptions you made that helped them get them what they want and aspire to.

When you optimize these 3 pages in place (which can be done in the next 48 hours) you’ll find that

1. You generate more leads
2. You attract more qualified prospects
3. You make more sales