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The Dead Lead Reviver

The Dead Lead Reviver – 5 Hot Principles to Reanimate Dead Leads

Is any lead truly dead? Bring those leads back to life with these hot principles of the Dead Lead Reviver.

Do you have zombie leads in your sales pipeline? You do if this scenario sounds familiar.

You spoke with a lead but nothing came of it. Now they aren’t responding to your inquiries. Or it seems they’ve fallen off the map completely.

They’re dead leads, right? Six feet under with no way to revive them.

Or are they?

The Dead Lead Reviver can unearth these leads and bring them back to life. This marketing strategy creates leads on auto-pilot once you install it into your business. 


The Problems

Before I get into the solution, let’s first talk about some of the problems. What turns leads into the undead? I see a few problems in this area.

First, this scenario may be familiar to most of you. You spend time and energy with one potential client. You’re leading to a proposal and then the unthinkable happens.

They say “no.” 

You may hear different variations of this like:

  • “It’s not a good fit.”
  • “The timing isn’t right.”
  • “The budget’s not right.”

But effectively, it all means the same thing. As a result of that no, all that time that you invested in that prospect has gone to waste.

Another problem may be that you simply forget about them. They may ask you to follow up with them later. Whether it’s a few months or a few seasons later, you run the risk of forgetting.

It happens to everyone.

That’s why I suggest 12-week calendars. There’s only so much that the human brain can comprehend as far as looking into the future. So you need to divide your goal calendar into more manageable chunks.

So, let’s suppose that you do put the prospect follow-up on the calendar. You still can’t predict what your day’s going to look like around that time.

Imagine what could happen if you’re really busy the day of the follow-up or even before. Odds are that you’re going to forget about that appointment. 

So the lead may not be completely dead before. But once you forget to do your homework and follow up, it turns into a dead lead.

Lastly, the lead may pick another agency. A prospect may choose another agency for different reasons.

Has that ever happened to you?

Maybe the timing wasn’t right for them to work with you. Remember those ways that prospects say “no”? Maybe that’s happened to you.

That’s why you put them on the back-burner with the intention of following up later. Only that “later” doesn’t happen.

You knew that you have the best solution. You were confident that they’d sign with you eventually. But because that other problem where you didn’t follow up, they went with another agency.

You see, you need to be around when they are ready. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your presentation was before. They won’t remember the great conversations.

You need to be available to pick up a lead or a competitor will.

That’s not to say that you should keep dry leads on your CRM indefinitely. But it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t follow up. And it gives your competitor the opening they need to pick up your prospect.

The Opportunity

What happens if your leads are always on point? This is the opportunity I’m talking about with the Dead Lead Reviver.

If you’re dunking every time, no leads go to waste. Each basket you make is another prospect you sign on.

Going through your CRM system, you’ll find that every lead is a good one – no matter how far back you go. What about those zombie leads that you’ve given up on? They’re possible leads, too.

You have to remember that even if they say no, what they’re really saying is “not right now.”

Secondly, leads are on auto-pilot with The Dead Lead Reviver. Just like the Tesla cars that can pick up people and drive them to their destinations. Your leads can work the same way – automatically.

This turns every conversation into a valued conversation. You aren’t wasting any more time. Finally, every time you hit “send” on the automated Dead Lead Reviver it equals cash in the bank. This happens because an automated email goes to all the leads in your CRM to keep them revived.

Eventually, you’ll look at your reports and see your sales are going up. That’s what happens when you revive dead leads.

The Five Hot Principles

Your CRM is full of dry leads. But rather than going out to hunt for new ones, why not farm the ones you have? 

The Dead Lead Reviver has five hot principles that you need to know. 

Understanding these principles not only frees up your time from hunting all the time. It also turns every conversation with a prospect into an important one.

That means that every time you interact with your leads you’re compounding interest in your conversations. And when the time is right? They’ll remember you.

So let’s take a look at the five principles …


Hot Principle #1 – Prospects Buy On Their Timeline

Prospects buy on their timeline, not yours. So you can’t actually make someone buy outside of their own timeline.

Sure, you can get into sales tactics to turn every sale into a “yes.” But that’s not something you really want to do.

But you probably didn’t get into the business just because you enjoy sales. You don’t want to be a car salesman.

Instead, you want to take your expertise and package it for the right person – at the right time.

There’s nothing you can do to make someone buy something if they’re not ready.

Hot Principle #2 – When You Don’t Follow Up You Fall Behind

Imagine riding a bike in a race. At first, you keep up with everyone else just fine. But as you start to tire, you fall behind everyone else.

You start to lose the race because you’re after the new and the novel.

However, what you really want to do is focus on what you already have instead of everyone else out in the world.

Hot Principle #3 – There Are No Maybe’s

Typically, closing a sale is about getting a yes or a no. It’s about getting rid of people who sit on the fence. These are the “maybe” and “someday” people.

Each one of you is an action-taker. You’re quick to spot opportunities. And you’re quick to get wins.

One of the ways The Dead Lead Reviver does is help separates the wheat from the chaff. What I mean is that it uncovers people who are ready to act. If they’re not ready to act, we’ll see if they’re ready to act later.

But if they’re not ready to act 6 quarters in, they’re no longer a prospect. They’re a suspect. So why would you want to waste your time keeping them in your CRM system?

Hot Principle #4 – Pinpoint the Issue

Next, when you communicate with prospects you want to pinpoint the issue. This is not the time to sell them on how awesome you are. This isn’t about you.

They contacted you for a reason. They had an issue that they want solved. That’s why it was an important conversation back then.

Now, what you’ll want to do when you follow up is to see if that issue exists today. 

If it does, that means they have a need. However, if it doesn’t exist that means that you can move on.


Hot Principle #5 – Ask the Elegant Question

Lastly, you’ll want to ask the elegant question. Not a random question. And not a long, rambling question.

Go for something that’s short. Maybe ask a question that’s personal. And expect a response.

You’ll also want to optimize for responses, not for clicks. If you’re in marketing you’re looking for the exact opposite. You want a higher click-through rate. 

But that’s not what you’re after here.

You want to ask questions that get their attention. Targeted and directed questions get responses. And one of the perks about this principle is that you only respond to those who reply to you.

So you don’t have to go through every single dead lead manually. That’s tedious. No one wants to do that. 

However, an automated email can help you weed out prospects that are genuinely dead and gone (to a competitor). Or the ones whom you can still help.

It’s Time to Re-Animate Those Dead Leads

Do you need to go out and hunt for new leads all the time? No. Not when you have a farm of leads waiting in your CRM. 

Don’t let zombie leads pile up in your sales pipe anymore. Re-animate them automatically with a targeted system.

Does that mean that you need to give up on hunting for new leads? Not necessarily. But finding a balance between hunting and cultivating can help your sales figures soar.

And the best part is that you can do this with an automated system.

Dev “Dead Lead Re-Animator” Basu